Sharing your experiences and skills help position students for success.

Junior Achievement volunteers are uniquely involved in the mission of our organization, from being the primary link to children in the classroom to raising awareness, connections and vital operating funding.

Volunteers are what bring our programs to life. Volunteers embody the heart of Junior Achievement. They provide access, exposure, opportunity, and an understanding of what’s ahead in the “real world” for students of all ages.

Volunteers are typically business professionals, college students, community members, or parents who want to play an active part in participating in the education of students around them. We are continually striving to work with a pool of volunteers to reflect the diversity of the communities and students that we serve throughout Memphis and the Mid-South.

What's it Like to Volunteer with JA?

A JA Volunteer Shares Her Experience!

Volunteer with your organization

JA partners with organizations to help deliver JA programs and to develop other partnership efforts. These organizations also provide their employee base, students, members and other personnel to be volunteers.

Volunteer Individually

Individuals in our community can reach out directly to us to set-up a time to volunteer in the classroom.

JA staff provides a thirty minute orientation to acclimate volunteers with JA Memphis and the Mid-South. Volunteers also attend a one hour training session to ensure they are comfortable visiting the classroom and ready to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Volunteers will be trained in classroom management, delivering the JA lessons and communicating effectively with students and teachers.

JA offers volunteers the opportunity to choose the school level and program they would like to support. JA will provide the volunteers with available volunteer possibilities

JA provides the materials and training you need for your classroom. In addition, the JA staff is always willing to help you make the most of your JA classroom experience. You can contact JA anytime if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to share.